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Beyond Magic Treatments

Enhance Your Natural
Beauty with

Top-Quality Treatments 

Experience Expert Services by Nurse Practitioner Limor Oz in Our Welcoming Environment

Do you want to find a facial spa near you that provides high-quality treatments for all of your aesthetic needs? Go no further than the Med Spa in our neighborhood, where Nurse Practitioner Limor Oz provides a variety of therapies to enhance your natural beauty.

At the Med Spa, we provide a wide range of treatments to meet your specific needs and preferences. The Lip Flip is a popular treatment that employs injectable fillers to improve the natural beauty of your lips, making them appear larger and more young. Limor Oz, our skilled Nurse Practitioner, has years of expertise providing this treatment, assuring you get the finest outcomes possible.

Gummy Smile Reduction is another treatment we provide. This is a non-surgical technique that helps to lessen the look of extra gum tissue when you smile. This treatment can boost your confidence and provide you with a more natural-looking grin.

Another prevalent issue that we handle at the Med Spa is hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. Botox injections are used in our Hyperhidrosis Therapy to inhibit the impulses that cause sweat production, lowering sweating and improving overall comfort.

But that's not all the Med Spa has to offer! We also provide a variety of other treatments, such as anti-aging injections, dermal fillers, and face rejuvenation procedures. Limor Oz, our Nurse Practitioner, approaches each therapy individually to ensure that you receive the best possible outcomes based on your specific needs and concerns.

So, why should you visit our Med Spa for beauty treatments? We believe in providing our clients with a safe and friendly environment in which they can relax and enjoy the benefits of our high-quality services. Limor Oz, our Nurse Practitioner, is extremely skilled and experienced, and we only use the highest quality supplies and equipment to assure your comfort and happiness.

Come see us at the Med Spa now if you're looking for a facial spa near you that provides high-quality treatments for all of your beauty requirements! We are excited to assist you in achieving the gorgeous, natural-looking results you desire.

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